⚡️ NFT Madness: I Need An Intervention

Mere Mortals

Oh dear, oh dear. I'm starting to see NFT's (and in particular HOSKY) as an investment so I need an intervention.

In Episode #286 of 'Musings' Juan and I discuss: what is a non-fungible token, why the HOSKY team pulled off a very nice April Fools, why I keep getting drawn into the Hoskyverse, Juan's thoughts on using NFT's as an investment tool, why money can change things even if you don't want it to and an affirmation that I need to stay away from NFT's to make money.

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - I'm getting an investment mindset
(2:26) - Oh dear, I have a problem
(5:28) - HOSKY fooled me
(11:13) - Hoskynomics
(15:15) - What is your portfolio %
(18:16) - I'm now an NFT artist
(21:49) - We're V4V
(23:56) - Boostagram Lounge
(28:42) - Book Games & Dapper Dinos
(33:19) - Money distorts things
(37:17) - Twitter is influencing me
(40:55) - We're idiots and degenerates
(45:55) - Hosky values and community
(50:33) - The outcomes and learnings
(54:08) - A big hosky thanks for fun times

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