TLS30: Bryan Solstin on Making Bitcoin Legal Tender In America
The Kevin Rooke Show

TLS30: Bryan Solstin on Making Bitcoin Legal Tender In America

Mar 19 2022 • 1hr 19m

Show Notes

Bryan Solstin is a US Senate Candidate with a campaign focused on making Bitcoin legal tender in America.
Bryan and I discussed the steps required to make Bitcoin legal tender, Bitcoin’s effect on the US political landscape today, how the Lightning Network will fulfill Bitcoin’s ability to be a medium of exchange, and the second-order effects of America on a fiat vs. Bitcoin standard.
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00:00 - Intro
01:47 - Bryan Solstin Intro
04:31 - Bryan’s Introduction to Bitcoin
09:44 - The Impact of a Broken Fiat Financial System
14:29 - Transitioning From a Fiat Standard to a Bitcoin Standard
21:25 - The Steps to Making Bitcoin Legal Tender in the US
30:39 - What Will The Future Role of the US Dollar Be?
34:56 - Bitcoin as a Medium of Exchange
42:46 - Bitcoin’s Impact as a Payments Platform
49:45 - Bitcoin’s Energy Usage
56:49 - Why America Should Be First to Adopt Bitcoin
1:01:05 - How Long Will It Take to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender?
1:04:29 - How Bitcoin Demonetizes Real Estate
1:12:48 - The Lightning Round
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2,500 sats
Mar 20 2022
I’ve never in my life heard a more dialed in and intelligent politician, wow. Good luck on 500k!