⚡️ Drowning In Irrationality: The Brisbane Floods Aftermath & Good Reasons To Not Reason

Mere Mortals

We're live on the scene next to the murky Brisbane river!

In Episode #279 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: what the flooding in BNE was like, how creativity works at the top of corporate hierarchy, the concept of cultivating a habit that you don't want, a philosophy book by Derek Parfit, whether we would take an irrationality pill if given the chance and some fun hypotheticals.

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Pics of Brisbane flooding
(2:35) - Living in clean environs
(5:06) - Juan the creative monkey
(8:21) - Blueksy, Mastodon & Fediverse
(12:46) - ShapeShift & Erik Vorhees
(17:04) - Freedom and creativity
(19:39) - School closures
(23:48) - Anti-habit: Opening Pandora's Box
(26:32) - Allowing spontaneity
(31:10) - Reasons And Persons
(35:24) - An irrational party
(40:25) - Schelling's answer to armed robbery
(45:11) - Rationality/emotion/truth
(48:05) - V4V

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