E17: Keyan Kousha on Stacker News, Earning Bitcoin for Curating Content, & Decentralized Social Media
E17: Keyan Kousha on Stacker News, Earning Bitcoin for Curating Content, & Decentralized Social Media
The Kevin Rooke Show

Keyan Kousha is the founder of Stacker News, a Bitcoin forum that pays users for sharing great content using the Lightning Network.  

Keyan and I spoke about the issues plaguing social media platforms, how the Lightning Network can incentivize better online communities and conversations, the growth of Stacker News so far, and the new features Stacker News is working on.  

→ Stacker News: https://stacker.news/  

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00:00 - Intro  

01:33 - Keyan Kousha Intro 

03:17 - Why Did You Build Stacker News? 

09:02 - Is Austin the Bitcoin Capital of the World? 

11:18 - What Features Are You Integrating? 

14:17 - How Does Stacker News Work?  

23:48 - Constraints to Stacker News Adoption 

26:09 - Can Curating Content Become a Career? 

32:32 - Why Stacker News Is Better Than Reddit 

38:40 - Decentralizing Your Reputation 

41:38 - How Users Can Earn Sats on Stacker News 

44:54 - Decentralizing Stacker News 

50:24 - Can Lightning Nodes Eliminate Censorship? 

53:21 - How Lightning Nodes Could Evolve 

59:30 - Stacker News Growth and Metrics 

01:06:01 - The Future of Stacker News 

01:11:32 - The Lightning Round

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rich@coincorner.io. more bullish than ever on lightning. keep up the great work Kevin, your show is the best with a focus on Lightning. other than lightning junkies, are there any other lightning content you would recommend?
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Oldie but goodie
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Kevin is 🔥⚡️🔥⚡️🔥 Keyan let the man talk. 🤣
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