TLS22: Alyse Killeen on Building Stillmark, Investing in Bitcoin Companies, and Emerging Lightning Network Applications
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TLS22: Alyse Killeen on Building Stillmark, Investing in Bitcoin Companies, and Emerging Lightning Network Applications

Feb 22 2022 • 1hr 28m

Show Notes

Alyse Killeen is the Founding Partner at Stillmark, a Bitcoin focused VC firm.
Alyse and I spoke about her focus on investing in Bitcoin companies, the things Alyse looks for in founders and startup pitches, and the particular segments of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network she is most excited about in 2022.
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00:00 - Intro
01:15 - Alyse Killeen Intro
03:42 - Why Is Stillmark Focused on Bitcoin?
08:33 - Investing in Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Companies
10:39 - Emerging Bitcoin Companies
20:28 - Investing in Tokens vs. Equity
23:03 - Is Bitcoin Innovation Constrained by Capital?
25:30 - Can There Be Too Much Capital in Bitcoin Companies?
29:22 - Down Rounds in VC Investing
33:34 - Benefits of Investing In Bitcoin Startups
38:14 - Web 2 Monopolies vs. Bitcoin Companies
42:57 - Competitive Moats for Bitcoin Companies
47:26 - Investing in the Lightning Network
49:19 - Should Large Bitcoin Holders Fund Bitcoin Companies?
54:04 - Deciding Which Founders To Invest In
01:01:53 - New Lightning Payment Applications
01:04:39 - Lightning Adoption & Earning Bitcoin
01:11:08 - Bitcoin's Role in Web 3.0
01:15:56 - What Areas of the Internet will Integrate Lightning?
01:19:25 - How Will Newcomers Interact with Lightning?
01:24:07 - The Lightning Round
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Jan 28 2023
Thankkyou for continued quality content, Kevin. keep up the great work!
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Feb 25 2022
voltage!damn interesting show and super inspiring. I’d love a free month on voltage. I’m trying to hook up a number of coffee shops etc in town to accept lighting and a voltage BTC pay server would be awesome to use as a test case. twitter @lancek1 dm’s are open.
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Feb 23 2022
Another great show! Love the predictions! I would put a Voltage coupon to good use. Would give me an excuse to hack for a few weekends. @jnmclarty on twitter.
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Feb 22 2022
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Feb 23 2022
ETHOS. This reminds me of a question I’ve been ruminating on: how do various guests conceptualize the bitcoin ethic? In this case, I’d love to know her experience with bitcoiners reactions to VC, as they seems somewhat antithetical. Also, Keyan Kousha cued me in to the strong open source ethos around btc as well. How does VC feel about open source, sharing code, etc?
100 sats
Feb 22 2022
great q
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Feb 23 2022
great episode. Fascinating look at the novel world of bitcoin vc.
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Feb 22 2022
literally watching on fountain and YouTube at the same time,
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Feb 23 2022
Hi 14
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Feb 23 2022
Hi 15