E20: Jesse Shrader on Amboss, Data Analytics for Lightning Nodes, & Lightning as a Social Network
E20: Jesse Shrader on Amboss, Data Analytics for Lightning Nodes, & Lightning as a Social Network
The Kevin Rooke Show

Jesse Shrader is the co-founder of Amboss, a Lightning Network explorer and data analytics tool.  

Jesse and I spoke about Amboss role in helping node operators make better routing decisions, the ways Amboss can build a competitive moat when Lightning data is publicly available, the future of node operations on Lightning, as well as a discussion on Lightning messaging and other applications Jesse finds exciting.  

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00:00 - Intro 

00:59 - Jesse Shrader Intro 

03:10 - Building Amboss 

06:33 - The Amboss Vision 

09:28 - Data Analytics with Limited Information 

11:24 - How Do Node Operators Make Decisions? 

15:34 - Can You Earn a Full Time Income From Your Node? 

22:50 - Will Lightning Fees Change Over Time? 

31:56 - Lightning Growth Surprises 

34:39 - Amboss’s Competitive Advantage 

39:55 - Will Amboss Be a Lightning-Native Business? 

42:27 - Features to Improve Node Operations 

44:48 - Is Lightning a Social Network? 

47:26 - What is Keysend?  

53:06 - Will The Lightning Network Get Congested?  

58:36 - Growth of Capacity, Nodes, and Channels 

01:03:29 - Total Addressable Market for Lightning 

01:07:39 - The Lightning Round