⚡️ E19: André Neves on ZEBEDEE, the Metaverse, LNURL, Lightning Addresses, and BOLT12

The Kevin Rooke Show

André Neves is the co-founder and CTO of ZEBEDEE, a Lightning Network company focused on powering real economies in virtual worlds.  

André and I spoke about ZEBEDEE’s role in the metaverse, the ways Bitcoin can be integrated into games to change incentives, the history of LNURL and its use cases, as well as a discussion on Lightning Addresses and BOLTs.  

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00:00 - Intro 

01:14 - André Neves Intro 

06:47 - The Future of the Metaverse 

10:28 - Will All Metaverse Platforms Become One?  

12:59 - Will Bitcoin Be The Currency of Virtual Environments?  

17:00 - How Bitcoin is Being Integrated in Games 

25:41 - Making a Living From Playing Games 

30:07 - Emerging Gaming Applications 

33:13 - ZEBEDEE’s Business Model  

38:46 - Can Bitcoin Disrupt Closed Platforms?  

42:45 - Demand for Bitcoin Game Developers 

45:23 - What is LNURL?  

51:53 - Lightning Addresses & LNURL 

01:01:39 - Lightning Addresses vs QR Codes 

01:08:06 - What are BOLTs?  

01:21:25 - How Lightning Implementations Make Decisions 

01:23:52 - The Current State of Lightning Implementations 

01:29:20 - Exciting Lightning Tech for 2022 

01:33:32 - The Lightning Round