TLS18: Keagan McClelland on Start9, Personal Servers, and the Future of Sovereign Computing

TLS18: Keagan McClelland on Start9, Personal Servers, and the Future of Sovereign Computing

The Kevin Rooke Show

Keagan McClelland is the co-founder of Start9 Labs, where his team is ushering in the age of sovereign computing with their personal servers.  

Keagan and I spoke about the distinction between Bitcoin/Lightning nodes and personal servers, the challenges of getting app developers and users to adopt personal servers, the growth of the Lightning Network, and the new technologies Keagan is most excited about.  

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00:00 - Intro 

01:25 - Keagan McClelland Intro 

06:58 - Lightning Nodes vs. Personal Servers 

15:29 - Current Features on Start9’s Embassy 

20:32 - Future Applications for Lightning Nodes 

24:23 - Lightning Nodes & Hardware Design 

28:07 - Are Embassy Apps Censorship Resistant? 

30:39 - Decentralized Network Efficiency Trade-offs 

35:00 - Do People Care About Privacy & Censorship?  

37:42 - How Much Storage Do People Need?  

39:23 - How Does Start9 Earn Revenue?  

43:17 - Centralization Risks & Personal Servers 

45:27 - Start9 Competitive Advantages 

49:01 - The Growth of the Lightning Network 

51:35 - Challenges for Lightning Network Builders 

56:31 - Lightning Node Predictions 

01:00:44 - Interesting Lightning Projects to Keagan 

01:05:51 - The Lightning Round


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