Guy's Take #36 - Walking Tall
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Guy's Take #36 - Walking Tall

Nov 12 2020 • 34m
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What does having savings, & the incentives reestablished by sound money, do to a person's *character?* How does it change who we are when we have something that we know is ours, and frees us of dependence on another human being? With a short read of a Bank Ad from many decades ago that shows an entirely different view of money and savings, we dig into how money affects us on a different level.

Shout out to Marty Bent who I think is responsible for sharing out this ad and therefore my stumbling upon it.

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2,000 sats
May 2 2022
This is one of my favorite episodes I've heard from you. Made me into a Bitcoiner. Thanks! 🙏
500 sats
Jul 23 2022
I listen to this ep once a month to pump myself up.
500 sats
Aug 31 2022
My monthly listen of "Walking Tall". Keep up the great work