⚡️ E13: Graham Krizek on Voltage, Improving Lightning Node Management, and the Future of the Lightning Network

The Kevin Rooke Show

Graham Krizek is the CEO and founder of Voltage, the premier provider of Bitcoin and Lightning node infrastructure.

Graham and I spoke about how Voltage is improving Lightning node management, solving challenges for Lightning builders today, and the future of the Lightning Network.

→ Voltage: https://voltage.cloud?utm_source=kevinrooke&utm_medium=Youtube&utm_campaign=1mo

This episode also features The Lightning Round sponsored by Voltage, where you can ask me or my future guests questions over the Lightning Network.

→ Voltage: https://voltage.cloud?utm_source=kevinrooke&utm_medium=Youtube&utm_campaign=1mo

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00:00 - Intro 

00:59 - Graham Intro 

07:08 - Automating Lightning Node Management 

11:36 - How To Pitch The Lightning Network 

19:32 - Voltage’s Customer Focus 

27:36 - Payment Trends on Lightning 

35:47 - Lightning Growth & Surprises 

38:58 - What is Flow? 

47:47 - Stablecoins and Price Volatility 

53:26 - Graham’s Views on Web 3.0 

01:01:07 - 2025 Lightning Node Predictions 

01:05:00 - The Lightning Round