Read_594 - Money Messiah: Part 1 [John Vallis]

Read_594 - Money Messiah: Part 1 [John Vallis]

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“Sacrifice is thus a critical component of value, as it is the use of one’s own limited resources, as that against which all action is measured and justified.” - John Vallis

Why does it always seem that the Bitcoin rabbit hole inevitably leads to the questions of "what is money" & "what is value?" How do we always find ourselves at such fundamental question when exploring Bitcoin? Today we dive into Vallis's "Money Messiah" on the very nature of value and meaning, how it relates to our religious and moral interpretations of the world, and why they are so intricately intwined with the simple, ubiquitous tool that we call money. Part 1 explores value and meaning, and tomorrow with Part 2 we will dive deep into money and Bitcoin. This one is not to be missed:

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