⚡️ Jonas Woost, Director Of Strategy at Pacific Content, predicts the near future of podcasting in 2022

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James Cridland talks with Jonas Woost Director Of Strategy at Pacific Content about his podcast predictions for 2022. 

They talk about ...

  • Who is Pacific Content?
  • Is Podcasting still open in 2022?
  • Paid Subscriptions?
  • Legacy media buys into podcasting
  • What does that mean for indies?
  • The rise of fiction podcasting
  • Are celebrity podcasts dead?

It’s been another remarkable year for many in podcasting with some tremendous growth in our industry.  As 2021 nears its end, it’s time to ask, ‘What’s Next?’  For the seventh year in a row, Pacific Content has asked some of the smartest thinkers in podcasting this important question. We received plenty of predictions!

Part One:

Part Two 

Podcast hosting and a whole lot more