Reclaiming Wholeness : Nozomi Hayase on Bitcoin, Self-Love, and the Divine Feminine

Reclaiming Wholeness : Nozomi Hayase on Bitcoin, Self-Love, and the Divine Feminine

Decentralized Consciousness

In this captivating episode of the "Decentralized Consciousness Podcast," we delve deep with the return of Nozomi Hayase, who shares profound insights into her latest article, "Bitcoin, Virgin Currency: A Journey into the Sacred Heart." Nozomi discusses the intertwining of Bitcoin with the restoration of the divine feminine consciousness, a theme that permeates her reflections and meditative practices. As someone who has stepped back from the limelight to confront and heal low-consciousness patterns and wounds, Nozomi reveals how these personal challenges have deepened her understanding of self-love, and she accredits the beginning of this process to the transformative power of Bitcoin. She explores how this new form of money acts as a catalyst for dismantling artificial systems and reconnecting with our authentic selves. Nozomi's journey through Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings has led her to a pivotal shift from intellectual problem-solving to embracing a higher, more spiritual approach to personal issues. This episode is a profound exploration of self-acceptance, the healing powers of Bitcoin, and the potential for societal transformation through individual change. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that bridges the gap between spirituality, technology, and personal empowerment. Whether you’re a seasoned Bitcoin enthusiast or someone seeking spiritual growth, Nozomi’s insights offer a fresh perspective on how we can all participate in shaping a more connected and conscious future. Links 🧘‍♂️Get a 1:1 healing session with a DC Session FacilitatorConnect with others in the Decentralized Consciousness

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