Is this the last Bitcoin Cycle?
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Is this the last Bitcoin Cycle?

Dec 24 2021 • 1hr 49m
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Chapters and Timestamps From This Episode:  [00:44] Chapter 1: Bitcoin 2022! [01:47] Chapter 2: Why did Luke write his article? [04:12] Chapter 3: Is the Bitcoin cycle changing? The impacts of exponential technology growth in the digital age. [10:05] Chapter 4: The psychology around the bitcoin price. [14:50] Chapter 5: Will bitcoin become the global currency? When would it happen? [22:40] Chapter 6: How Bitcoin adoption is tracked. [26:41] Chapter 7: Why we're seeing coins on exchanges leaving for the first time in over 10 years. [34:02] Chapter 8: Billionaires are going to be FOMOing hard. [41:21] Chapter 9: How soon will hyperbitcoinization happen? [52:24] Chapter 10: The US dollar versus digital currencies and stored value. [1:03:55] Chapter 11: 37 sats = generational wealth. [1:22:00] Chapter 12: Bitcoin brings humanity things money can’t buy. [1:31:00] Chapter 13: Is now a good time for new people to buy? [1:37:32] Chapter 14: Closing remarks. When will we all know someone being paid in bitcoin?
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