#006 - Evil, Intelligence & Value with Dhruv Bansal
AI Unchained

#006 - Evil, Intelligence & Value with Dhruv Bansal

3 Aug • 2hr 37m
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Show Notes

Today we delve into a captivating topic, as we explore the potential relationship between AI and evil. My guest Dhruv Bansal brings his profound insights to the forefront as we navigate the depths of this subject.

We contemplate the ethical dilemmas that arise when intelligence is harnessed for destructive purposes, and Dhruv expertly unpacks the intricate interplay between AI intelligence, good, and evil, leaving us with a lot to consider about its impact on our lives and the broader world.

We go deep as we strive to discern the true nature of intelligence and its potential ramifications on our collective humanity.

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5,000 sats
8 Aug
thinking about trillions of AIs buying bitcoin to keep themselves alive makes it laughable to think of human governments thinking they can stop it.
2,100 sats
5 Aug
Cooperation and voluntary exchange have been the bedrock of human progress. As AI emerges, fostering collaboration and mutual benefit between humans and machines will remain key to a prosperous future.
500 sats
15 Aug
Hey, love the AI unchained but you really are interrupting people a lot and its both bad manners and annoying to listen to the guest and you talking over each other, it makes an otherwise great content less amazing
210 sats
8 Aug
Absolutely fantastic episode!
100 sats
6 Aug
Thank you!