#435: Bitcoin Solves the Payments Problem in AI with Kody Low
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

#435: Bitcoin Solves the Payments Problem in AI with Kody Low

19 Jul • 2hr 9m
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Show Notes

Marty sits down with Kody Low to discuss Fedimints, Lightning, and how they can be applied to power AI tools.

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0:00 - Intro5:30 - Marty Barbell Bender7:10 - Kody’s background, every Bitcoiner a dev13:59 - What layer is Fedi?19:38 - Explaining Fedimint25:43 - What do Fedimints fix about lightning?30:23 - Expanding on federation34:46 - Scaling Bitcoin for the world38:56 - Federated operating system49:23 - How it works for guardians57:57 - Privacy1:00:41 - Synth dollar trading1:11:18 - AI/Lightning intersection1:20:33 - L402 and M2M payments1:35:53 - Lightning’s headstart on crypto1:38:24 - Avoiding Bitcoin’s volitility with Fedi1:41:02 - Bitcoin is the best money1:49:10 - Pushing AI companies to Lightning1:52:02 - Answer the call, freaks1:55:25 - Privacy and gpu hosting2:05:27 - Wrapping up

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7,777 sats
29 Jul
Great show with lots of good technical information. Stay humble. Stack sats. Seek God.
5,000 sats
24 Jul
this guy is really inspiring!
5,000 sats
19 Jul
thunder and rain in the background is a nice touch tbh. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
5,000 sats
15 Sep
bullish on fedimint
500 sats
25 Jul
Bitcoin + AI = "Then Suddenly" phase of adoption
210 sats
19 Jul
Just keep building!! #AI4ALL 🔥🧡 stay humble, stack sats, it’s not about you - love listening to Kody solid strong signal