536: Plasma Power-Ups
LINUX Unplugged

536: Plasma Power-Ups

13 Nov • 1hr 7m
Boost episode

Show Notes

The problem with GNOME's great news, plus our first look at Plasma 6. Then, the surprising place NixOS is getting adopted.


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18 Nov
As you may see in Matrix, I’ve started my at-home game for the 32-bit challenge. So far, failure has been everywhere. When I first suggested this challenge, I was curious what distro JB would choose because Nix isn’t available. It appears I was wrong in that assumption. I’ll be shocked if you don’t incorporate it somehow. PS: Don’t let the Loch Ness Monster know I gave you tree fiddy.
I’ve had success setting up openSUSE in a 32bit environment for a buddy that wanted to revive an ancient laptop earlier this year.
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16 Nov
Hey! just wanted to let everybody know I will have an etsy page up for a digital version of the sticker for 2.00 for those who cant afford the international shipping or for those who have the ability to make them. ill boost in again when the link is live
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15 Nov
Sounds like Apple copied KDE activities when they implemented focus modes for iOS….
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17 Nov is where to find that digital download! All in the spirit of OpenSource, JB, and the great international folks that have to pay ridiculously high shipping and landing fees for swag.
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13 Nov
where do i vote for the tuxies? i found old tuxies shows, but not the voting page. i looked a bit on the jupiter broadcasting page and the linux unplugged page. a couple search engine results returned old shows and a bunch of gobbledygook