Vibrational Echos with PlebCoach(es) Marie and Andreas

Vibrational Echos with PlebCoach(es) Marie and Andreas

Decentralized Consciousness

This week we welcome Marie and Andreas of PlebCoach for a deep dive into the transformative power of Bitcoin, the concept of karma, and personal growth through self-awareness. Join us and discover how their journey into inner healing and their sessions as hypnotists have brought profound insights into managing stress and enhancing life quality.

Marie and Andreas share their experiences since their appearance on the Once Bitten podcast, highlighting the ripple effects within the Bitcoin community and the personal connections they've made. They discuss the role of Bitcoin in fostering a higher vibrational lifestyle and how it acts as a mirror of greater clarity to our inner states, providing immediate feedback and awakening deeper understanding of our personal and collective realities.

The conversation also explores the philosophical underpinnings of karma and the law of attraction, with Marie and Andreas offering their unique perspectives on how our thoughts and intentions shape our experiences.

Tune in to this episode for a compelling discussion on the intersections of spirituality, technology, and personal empowerment within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Whether you're a Bitcoiner or someone seeking spiritual and personal development, this conversation will offer valuable insights into living a more intentional and fulfilling life. Enjoy!


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