FLO MONTOYA | Tapping deep creative traditions to satisfy her obsession with bitcoin | #011
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FLO MONTOYA | Tapping deep creative traditions to satisfy her obsession with bitcoin | #011

7 Aug • 43m

Show Notes

"With bitcoin culture we are going to have beauty again. We deserve it. Everyone deserves it." — Flo Montoya

I’m joined by painter, illustrator, engraver, and now screen printer, Flo Montoya whose self-described obsession with bitcoin has her expanding her skills and tapping art history's masters to explore deep and perennial concepts like justice, love and hope. She got on my radar because of her wonderful illustrations for the book, Rhyming Bitcoin, published in collaboration with Brekkie and Simon but as you'll hear, her ideas and talents are wide ranging and ever expanding. From fine art traditions to the aesthetics of activism, Flo is a fount of creativity.

Based in Santiago, Chile, that seemingly remote South American base has her connecting with and being inspired by other bitcoin artists online. In perusing her social feeds, linked in the show notes, it is obvious how the work of others is stoking the fire of her own creativity and allowing her unpretentious and generous spirit to join the growing chorus of bitcoin inspired endeavor around the world.

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