Read_558 - Why Bitcoin, The Full Series Audiobook [Tomer Strolight]

Read_558 - Why Bitcoin, The Full Series Audiobook [Tomer Strolight]

Bitcoin Audible

"For those with the curiosity to look, Bitcoin has emerged as a vast and mysterious space to explore, with treasures, dangers and untold potential. And similar to the Statue of Liberty’s beautiful but no longer true invitation, bitcoin beckons those who are tired, poor and yearning to breathe free to enter its realm and bask in the light of its gifts." - Tomer Strolight

Why choose Bitcoin? Why Bitcoin is the new frontier. Why and how Bitcoin uses energy. Why everything that should hurt Bitcoin, only makes it stronger. Why Bitcoin is so much more than money. Why Bitcoin will end the worst heist in history, & 20 other amazing chapters in this incredible series by Tomer Strolight, covering so many different perspectives of Bitcoin. See and understand this incredible new technology from every angle imaginable, and find the answer to why Bitcoin?

Check out the full book PDF available at Swan Bitcoin below:

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