Interview with V4BTC
Tokyo Citadel Builders

Interview with V4BTC

23 Nov • 1hr 15m

Show Notes

V4BTC (Vendetta for Bitcoin)

Intro to the bitcoinway
The importance of running a node. 
Hyper inflation in Lebanon. 
People holding up banks to get their own money back. 
Bitcoin adoption in Labanon. 
Early signs of hyperinflation in Labanon--high interest dollar accounts. 
Are MMFs a similar trap?
Russia, the Canadian truckers, and moves away from the US dollar hegemony. 
Carlos Ghosn. 
Dollarization of the world through Tether. 
The GAE Mafia. The petrodollar. Lyn Alden. 
Property and other physical assets are a shitcoin
General tips for cyber security.
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