@edstromandrew - @Johnkvallis - We Are The Stories We tell Ourselves. #55

@edstromandrew - @Johnkvallis - We Are The Stories We tell Ourselves. #55

Once Bitten! A Bitcoin Podcast.

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Today's guests on the show are @Johnkvallis - fellow #Bitcoin podcaster and @edstromandrew author of the book Why Buy Bitcoin - A Legacy Finance Roundtable Discussion!

Join us as we discuss our past careers in the legacy finance system, how we found ourselves in that arena, what happened in the early days and how or why we extricated ourselves!

Our adventures might help you get an insiders view on what goes on behind the closed doors of FX Brokerage, M&A, Equity Sales and "Wealth Management".

Get a look inside Goldman Sachs as Andy winds back his way back machine and talks us through a day in the life of a young buck figuring out how Goldman play up to 4 sides of every deal to squeeze their 'clients' dry!

Listen to John describe how he turned up for work in the ivory towers in the cheapest, nastiest suit and tie money could buy. Then learn how he quit on a whim and consider what might have been if he wasn't face to face with his boss that morning.

Learn how now not to drive a Bentley through the back streets of London and what it was like to be a complete and total Gopher for 3 years earning my stripes as an FX Broker.

Huge thanks to @Coinfloor - @obi - @Adamwoodhams1 for supporting the show and helping me with this personal transition to 'Podcaster.'

Massive thanks to @JohnkVallis - Your podcast is fire man, you are a huge inspiration to myself and many others, keep doing what you are doing!

Massive thanks to @Edstromandrew who took a punt on me very early and came on the show to discuss his excellent book. If you haven't read it, make sure you check it out. Thanks for the work brother and for protecting your clients best interests, if only there were more out there like you!

Lastly - Go #stacksats people!


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Seriously, let's go!

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