Guy's Take #44 - Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is
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Guy's Take #44 - Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is

Apr 6 2021 • 1hr 9m
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Show Notes

• Money is not what you think it is
• Great societies are a result of great money
• Money is more foundational than language
• Prices are not arbitrary
• The nature of time
• Money is a tool of information
• Proof of work in ancient history
...And so much more in today’s Guy’s Take!
The many recommended works to dig deeper:
Wittgenstein’s Money
I, Pencil
Applying Economics to American History (Tom Woods)
Shelling Out: The Origins of Money
The Island of Stone Money
Bitcoin is Time
On Network Effects, Shelling Points, & Lindy

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20,000 sats
1 Feb
Excellent stuff my man! Thanks for helping me get my learn on 🤙🏿
500 sats
25 Jan
Amazing listen. The information about the foundations of money is the best I have heard. I will listen again. So many points were made that I want committed to memory.
Thanks for reading my comment on the Bitcoin Basics episode. Survagro is an abbreviation of my new project website: My expertise is emergency medicine as a paramedic, movement through challenging terrain as a rock climbing instructor and backcountry living. I teach these in great part from the perspective of surviving aggression. Id love to hear your perspective on how Bitcoin may become the primary tool of human exchange without requiring violence as a foundation.