Living In The Present Moment | The Utility Of Meditation
Mere Mortals

Living In The Present Moment | The Utility Of Meditation

22 May • 52m

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Is mindfulness all it's cracked up to be?In Episode #388 of 'Meanderings' I discuss: why I've been feeling anxious recently, the common setbacks that stop people from trying out meditation, helpful podcasts and books to dive deeper into, our inability to fully solve the problem of living in the past/future and some potential downsides that can occur from living too much in the present moment.I hope you have a fantastic day wherever you are in the world, Kyrin out!Timeline:(0:00) - In a dreamland(0:32) - Definition & my experience(6:02) - Meditation & roadblocks(15:11) - Resources(18:35) - Constant relearning(31:45) - Downsides(43:35) - Summary(51:10) - V4V: Check out the book reviewsConnect with Mere Mortals:Website: the show
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77,777 sats
22 May
Felt like I needed to hear this episode, thank you!
Always good to take a moment and a breath. Thanks for coming on again Chris.
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24 May
Even though he turned out to be a huge "ends-justify-the-means" TDS patient, whom I can't stand now, Sam Harris' book Waking Up really turned me onto mindful meditation Mere Mortals. I bought the audio book and ended up transcribing the bulk of it by hand (also very meditative). I find it extremely helpful in life.
Waking Up was also what got me into at least trying meditation. The app was decent as well. Sam has the biggest case of Trump Derangement Syndrome I've seen. TDS was probably named for him 🤣