Episode 133: It's a Lifestyle!
Podcasting 2.0

Episode 133: It's a Lifestyle!

19 May • 1hr 52m

Show Notes

Podcasting 2.0 May 19th 2023 Episode 133: "It's a Lifestyle!"
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on - We test Live wallet switching to the music and welcome Red Circle's Mike Kadin to the board room!

Mike Kadin - Red Circle
We are LIT, soon on fountain!
New Podfriend app!
PodFriend 2.0 apparently also LIT Ready!
Mackie FLZ creator
Podcasting 2.0 / WAVLAKE - Matt from Tokyo
remoteItem in V4V in more apps when?
PlebRap Playlist | PlebRap Too Bit To Fail - Money Printer Go Brr -- GERMAN 10 sec intro
Matt Bigelow Fudge! | - 43 sec intro
YouTube x No Agenda
Decentralised GUID system based on Podping called PodpingGUID · Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace · Discussion #533
V4V Model Explained - Linux Unplugged
CSB chatGPT Plugin
Update feed image from James
MKUltra chat
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