EP:20 HomeTown Meats with Clyde Sommerlatte and Cole Bolton
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EP:20 HomeTown Meats with Clyde Sommerlatte and Cole Bolton

19 Apr • 1hr 13m
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Show Notes

Episode 20: HomeTown Meats with Clyde Sommerlatte and Cole Bolton 
Intro to 2 Bar C Ranch

Lets talk about the beef
Educating on what your consuming
Ranching in the family
Australia beef carbon credits
Producers and the processing center
 Leveraging technology 
Brand new health initiative 
Day in the life of Clyde Sommerlatte
Return of The Cattleman's Feast
Networking with your rancher
Clydes predictions
Traveling the states
Beef Boosts! Thank You to all our producers Texas Slim Media interns
Ground Zero with Cole Bolton of K and C Cattle
HomeTown Meats update
Creating a relationship with your producer
The need for real butchers
New Lifestyle building communities
People are learning the value of ranching
Processing plants
We are The Beef Initiative
Cole on talking to more producers
Momma bears getting educated
Cattleman's Feast 
Team Roping
Cole's all in one response 
Cole staycation
What happened to the dairy cows
There is NO competition with regenerative ranching
Clean beef, clean health
Supporting the local community
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20 Apr
like clyde ssys lets take this pile of shit weve been handed and fertilize with it. and tell cole i got some colorado cool aid to share and a tailgate. thats a great vacation
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24 Apr
Vacations, lol. Trying my dammdest to get the wife off to a vacation before she blows up our ranch. 😅
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19 Apr
great show keep on preaching
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24 Apr
eat more Florida beef 🥩
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8 May
🥩🔥🥩🔥 boost!
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boost with splits. nice
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