Ditching Spotify For 'Streaming Sats': The Future Of Independent Music Publishing w/ Joe Martin

Ditching Spotify For 'Streaming Sats': The Future Of Independent Music Publishing w/ Joe Martin

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Joe Martin is a musician and a pioneer in the emerging use of the so-called 'value 4 value' model for digital product publishing (and likely more in the future). Joe is about to launch his first full album 'Empty passenger Seat' on May 1st, and has already launched a couple songs from it on Wavelike, a value 4 value platform that makes it easy for listeners to seamlessly send value back to creators. I'm very interested in the emerging possibilities of the value 4 value model, particularly those recently enabled by bitcoin / the lightning network, so I thought it would be a great time to speak with one of it's earliest pioneers in the music industry. Enjoy!


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