CD99: Paxful Shuts Down with Ray Youssef
CD99: Paxful Shuts Down with Ray Youssef
Citadel Dispatch
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6 Apr
stay humble, stack sats
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10 Apr
Hi Matt, Great show, great guests every time. love to listen live but I live many timezones away in Australia. keep doing your great work.
15,000 sats
8 Apr
Courts sure are looking like a negative sum game. One bad actor can take down the whole company.
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6 Apr
I'll boost you, but you have to pay the nag tax... I don't think there are humans vs. sub-humans. some people behave reprehensibly, but I /think/ that systems turn people against people. I once got a cold call from a scammer. I asked him what he wanted to do when he was a kid. he texted me the next day saying he quit his job and enrolled on a programming course. yes, I'm bragging, but it's an example of the fact that people can sometimes change. always.
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6 Apr
7,777 sats
6 Apr
Don't risk it Bisq it!
7,777 sats
6 Apr
Forever thankful to you Odell for reminding me to STAY HUMBLE AND STACK SATS.....Love you like a BROTHER....sorry for short term ripping you off in value for value....BUT LONG TERM
5,000 sats
11 Apr
Stay humble and stack sats!
500 sats
7 Apr
No ones going to save us, we have to save ourselves. Great advice! Rays dealing with shit beyond his control. Time will tell if hes telling the truth. For what its worth, he didnt have to spend a hour on dispatch explaining what was going on.
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17 Apr
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6 Apr
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6 Apr
Whole fuckin situation sucks for peole who used paxful. Hope Ray is telling the truth.