CD99: Paxful Shuts Down with Ray Youssef

CD99: Paxful Shuts Down with Ray Youssef

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PRICE: 3578 sats per dollar
TOPICS: paxful was a leading peer to peer exchange for the last eight years before it shut down this week

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(00:03:21) Introduction and shout out to supporters

(00:16:55) Shutting down Paxful and the reasons behind it

(00:26:53) The Noone's app and the decentralized toolkit

(00:42:21) Audit responses from support and compliance decisions

(00:43:21) Freezing funds and inability to provide explanations

(00:44:39) Challenges with gift card programs and reputation systems

(00:49:30) Dealing with accusations and maintaining reputation

(00:52:59) The potential of reputation systems and credit scores

(00:56:07) The importance of Bitcoin in developing economies

(01:09:30) The challenges of frozen accounts and the need for custodians

(01:14:31) The importance of unstoppable free markets and the urgency to act


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