Guy's Take #65 - Banks, Digital Money, and a Cat
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Guy's Take #65 - Banks, Digital Money, and a Cat

4 Apr • 1hr 52m
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Prices are relative, Bitcoin is infinitely scalable, stability for the sake of stability is undesirable, maximal instability in prices maximizes resilience in the markets, and so much more. Today we dive into a bit of a wandering Guy's Take to follow El Gato's piece on the idea of a free banking system and what it might look like in a future with PBDCs, instead of CBDCs. I break down where he has some wonderful ideas, but fundamentally misses the foundation necessary to get us there.

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"When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear." — Thomas Sowell
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25,001 sats
4 Apr
Lol, my article recommendation made you go into a third episode. Love it. Let's goooo!
1,500 sats
4 Apr
Guy Swan rants are better than Alex Jones rants provemewrong.gif
1,000 sats
5 Apr
i learned something new. thanks
1,000 sats
4 Apr
Guy’s Keynesian economica debunking should be mandatory material in schools
I'm lucky I didn't study economics until I learned of Australian economic
500 sats
13 Apr
300 sats
5 Apr
Wouldn't be surprised to see speculation with water the same way is done now with housing in a few years if we don't start using sound money right now.
Sure hope not
300 sats
5 Apr
I got 300 sats for listening to this... Only seems fair to send it back your way.
240 sats
5 Apr
With unlimited money, our scarce resources will become extinct. With scarce money we will have abundance in the appropiate things. Its fucking insane wealthy people are buying houses to just buy houses and not even live in them to maintain their purchasing power
100 sats
4 Apr
100 sats
10 Apr
More good stuff, thanks Guy.