RESTRICT This! Ep694
RESTRICT This! Ep694
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 694 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- RESTRICT this, honkus
- BTC Full Node IP Address collector. Be aware
- Texas looks like it might go stupid
- #LatAM Bitcoin stuff
- Bat Signal on Banks
- Moar SEC money to fight 'CrYpTo' crime
- Citi report: CBDC's are Cryptocurrencies. Gag

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd #BTC


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31 Mar
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31 Mar
I also have tendancy to attribute malice to that which most people brush off as coincidence. Credulity is hard coded into us and we can use that to our advantange.
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30 Mar
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31 Mar
Talking about the bill to fund the SEC… If 2.4 billion can fund 170 employees, that’s $14 million per employee.
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6 Apr
I’ve changed my mind. Regardless of how new my fleet is, if I could make all the blocks for the next two weeks take longer than ten minutes, the blocks will have a longer wait time and more transactions waiting to clear, so the less expensive transactions won’t (maybe) ever clear. That could be a rising tide that floats all boats.
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1 Apr
bitcoin plebs feeling like the wolverines from red dawn
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31 Mar
boost baby
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30 Mar
great information
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31 Mar
I am for Bitcoin and my friend is for Etherium, his arguement is "What happens when all the bitcoin is mined, as the miners wont be able to collect a reward anymore??" What is your reaponse to this?? I constantly tell him hes full of shit, love the show keep it up!
31 Mar
sink or swim baby