SS1: How Joe Martin Stacked 800,000+ Sats on Fountain, Wavlake, Voltage, BTCPayServer, and Alby
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SS1: How Joe Martin Stacked 800,000+ Sats on Fountain, Wavlake, Voltage, BTCPayServer, and Alby

27 Mar • 34m
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Show Notes

Joe Martin is a country singer who has stacked over 800,000 sats for his music using Fountain, Wavlake, Voltage, BTCPayServer, and Alby.
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This show is a Lightning podcast. That means instead of asking for likes or shares, I ask for sats.
The best way to show your support is to download Fountain from the App Store, load your wallet with some sats, and send them over the Lightning Network to
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100,000 sats
29 Mar
Great episode Kevin - I think this creator focused show format will be so valuable for people just getting started. @joemartinmusic thanks so much for being a pioneer of Value for Value and I hope to make it to one of your upcoming gigs!
30 Mar
Epic Boost 👏
i absolutely agree! great job kevin! i would say put this in a second podcast series to distingsh it from builders. so i know what i am signing up. the next step could be to have a podcast with an artist and builder on the same episode!
4,321 sats
27 Mar
This was fantastic. I like the approach of hearing from other creators who are also learning the new toolsets in value for value these days. Bravo!
4,200 sats
29 Mar
I've been looking for this kind of coverage of working as an artist or creator in Bitcoin. Thanks! (P.S. might make sense to have a separate podcast for distinction between builder / creator, but given the small niche of those using Lightning / Bitcoin may be better as a consolidated)
2,000 sats
7 Apr
Great episode Kevin. Helping find the good stuff in a world filled with noise.
1,337 sats
30 Mar
Inspiring episode! I think keeping it in main feed makes sense with the custom album art. Makes sense to me 👍
1,000 sats
28 Mar
This is the first time I’ve heard details about how musicians can stack Sats. Very interesting! Now I’m looking forward to other episodes in this new series!
1,000 sats
30 Mar
great episode. yes keep in a second podcast seies to distingsh it from other shows. maybe in the future you can have a builder and artist on the same episode. but your podcast is the leader regarding ln. great job
500 sats
28 Mar
Excellent idea Kevin. it’s an aspect that needs to be promoted. hugely under reported and unappreciated.
350 sats
29 Mar
great episode and love hearing how Joe has been on value for value. thanks for spreading the word and keep it up!
101 sats
28 Mar
100 sats
29 Mar
Thanks for this episode - it will take me down a few more avenues with the lightening network 🤘
nice and i teresting podcast, thanks
100 sats
29 Mar