Blimp On Fire! Ep689
Blimp On Fire! Ep689
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 689 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- Call to Arms
- The FED Rate
- Coinbase's Wells notice
- Blimp-On-Fire accuses Block os being "shady"
- Crypto Reform Comming to US
- Bitcoin Pez Dispenser
- SHAmory builds plush; donates 21% gross sales to Built With Bitcoin

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd #BTC

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10,000 sats
24 Mar
Thank you for sharing your valuable insights with all of the listeners on Orange's Rust server. Orange was already minting Bitcoiners by paying sats to play the game Rust but now players will be able to listen to Good Morning Bitcoin on the in-game radio and hear your podcast too. Increasing the signal one step at a time!
3,456 sats
23 Mar
2,100 sats
24 Mar
First 😏
1,000 sats
24 Mar
1,000 sats
28 Mar
“why does hashrate scream up, right before the adjustment?” If I had all new machines (or a higher percentage of my fleet was), I would pay extra money (including telling my power provider to spin up a natural gas genie) to run all my equipment, making the next adjustment as difficult as possible, leaving fleets with more S9’s in the dust for the next two weeks. Someone correct me, though.
900 sats
24 Mar
fountain had a glitch, I accidentally boosted 3 times...
700 sats
24 Mar
you called it
420 sats
23 Mar
210 sats
24 Mar
does anyone know if someone is working on decentralizing the timber industry?
117 sats
24 Mar
PEZ dispenser, is that how you know you made it? I used to love those when I was a kid. It is fun, and I like it.