#406: Debt-Based Colonialism and Structural Adjustment with Alex Gladstein
#406: Debt-Based Colonialism and Structural Adjustment with Alex Gladstein
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Alex Gladstein to discuss how the IMF and World Bank harness debt to funnel resources from poor nations to rich ones.

Alex's article on Bitcoin Magazine: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/imf-world-bank-repress-poor-countries

Alex's Essays: https://alexgladstein.com/

Alex Gladstein at HRF: https://hrf.org/team/alex-gladstein/

5:26 - In town for SXSW talking about CFA franc
10:06 - Colonial exploitation
17:21 - Transfer of control of energy
19:51 - Outsourcing the cost
28:24 - The unrecorded losses
36:38 - Structural Adjustment
42:36 - What it could look like without the current system
49:32 - Double standard
52:51 - Bitcoin fixes this
1:01:13 - No political solution
1:04:16 - Odious debt
1:10:10 - Biological effect of wage deflation
1:12:30 - Bitcoin fixes this - again
1:20:00 - Wrapping up

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50,000 sats
21 Mar
great rip
5,000 sats
21 Mar
Prediction: 10 years from now Alex will win the Nobel peace prize and we'll be referring to him as sir Alex
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7 Apr
equal rights and justice for all 👍💯
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22 Mar
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23 Mar
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25 Mar
Ill now feel bad for every $5 t shirt I buy. Thanks for your work Alex. Great rip
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22 Mar
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24 Mar
power corrupts
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24 Mar
Great RIP, Alex Gladstein is always an interesting interview.