BR028 - Specter, Zeus, BTC Pay Server, Alby, LDK Roadmap + MORE ft. Bumi, Vivek & Guy Swann
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BR028 - Specter, Zeus, BTC Pay Server, Alby, LDK Roadmap + MORE ft. Bumi, Vivek & Guy Swann

16 Mar • 1hr 42m

Show Notes

I'm joined by guests Bumi, Vivek & Guy Swann to go through the list.

00:02:02 Vivek joins Coinkite
00:02:07 Coinkite workshops at Bitcoin Park
00:02:14 COLDCARD + TAPSIGNER available at Bitcoin Park
00:02:20 Q1 reservation date revealed (around Q4)
00:02:36 SATSCHIP 50% off
00:02:41 updated
00:02:48 Coinkite gift cards now available on Oshi app
00:02:52 Nunchuk partnership announcement

Software Releases & Project Updates

Hacks & vulnerability disclosures:

00:02:56 @emzy gets SeedSigner to log seed to SD with 6 lines of code


00:05:13 Specter Desktop v2.0.0
00:10:52 Liana v0.3
00:12:00 Zeus v0.7.3
00:18:48 Nunchuk iOS v1.9.22
00:19:23 BTC Pay Server v1.8.0
00:26:57 MyNode v0.3.11
00:30:48 Keeper 1.0.2
00:31:44 Robosats v0.4.1-alpha
00:33:15 Orange Pill App v1.1.5
00:39:21 Blockstream Green Android v4.0.0


00:40:25 Alby v1.28.0
00:50:01 LDK Roadmap
00:52:58 Bitcoin Tribe v2.1.4
00:54:04 Rust Lightning v0.0.114
00:54:18 lnbits [Yvette]
00:55:25 Core Lightning v23.02
00:58:15 Fountain v0.6.5
01:01:04 LND v0.16.0


01:11:25 Damus v1.1.0-10
01:11:45 Nosotros v0.3.1.6-alpha
01:11:53 Nostr Client Launch
01:12:18 Nostore
01:12:29 Gossip


01:13:57 Thanks to everyone who streamed sats, and shoutout to our top boosters: @apemithrandir, @hiro, @teejem, @bloggingbitcoin, @kepford

Project spotlight

01:14:52 Cashu redeem app
01:17:38 Blogstack
01:18:23 Zaplife
01:18:31 Amethyst
01:18:35 LNnodeinsight
01:18:47 LNCal
01:19:32 Bitcoin Jungle

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter

01:22:22 [240]
01:23:21 [241]

News & Noteworthy

Good reads:

01:29:33 Bitcoin Zeigest - Anthony Towns
01:29:56 Lyn Alden - March 2023 Newsletter: A Look at Bank Solvency
01:30:05 Guy's Reads: Protocols, Not Platforms, How Many Bitcoin Confirmations is Enough?, Bitcoin: A Game-Theoretic Analysis


01:33:13 Block: Helping customers move between fiat and bitcoin
01:33:25 Jack Dorsey’s Block Announces MDK
01:33:42 Wallet Interfaces/APIs

Lightning & L2:

01:35:16 Jack Dorsey announces new LSP
01:35:28 Voltage introduces Flow 2.0
01:35:41 BoltObserver announced support for Core Lightning in LiquidOps
01:35:47 Mastering the Lightning Network is now free


01:36:08 First nuclear-powered Bitcoin mine goes online in Pennsylvania


01:36:17 Local public transport temporarily accepts Bitcoin lightning payments in Sweden
01:36:25 Settle Up Adds Lightning Support
01:36:31 Xapo becomes the first bank to offer #LightningNetwork payments
01:36:36 Baseball Fans Can Now Instantly Receive Bitcoin After Perth Heat’s Most Exciting Plays


01:36:44 Geyser Grants Round 2 winners announced
01:36:58 Relai Raises $4.5 Million


01:37:07 Traditional Finance Meltdown, Bitcoin Boom!


01:37:40 Nostrica
01:38:15 Northern Lightning Conference Announced - March 17-19 in Bergen, Norway
01:38:25 Nostr hackathon
01:38:30 revamped & new events added

Audience Questions

01:38:40 Question for Bumi: According to Alby Buzz, "Alby builds on the same infrastructure interface as BlueWallet, namely LndHub". Now that LndHub is sunsetting, how with this affect Alby and what do users need to be aware of?


BISQ is looking for people from Nigeria to help kickstart the NGN/BTC market on Bisq Market Day
Receiving Self-Sovereign Zaps in 15 minutes - Article by sovrnbitcoiner
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