#403: Dissecting the Banking Crisis with Parker Lewis
#403: Dissecting the Banking Crisis with Parker Lewis
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Parker Lewis to break down the causes of the banking crisis from first principles.

Follow Parker on Twitter: https://twitter.com/parkeralewis

9:15 - Is it happening?
11:40 - The Fed caused bank failures, not crypto
19:15 - SVB balance sheet
24:49 - History of bank cash assets
30:07 - How QE is done without QE
38:51 - The cycles accelerate every time
44:52 - The system is built for moral hazard
49:39 - Trust in traditional money is failing
57:06 - Will Bitcoin be blamed?
1:00:54 - Bitcoiners shouldn't waste their time
1:03:42 - Bitcoin's most important next steps
1:09:57 - Bitcoin Takeover
1:13:34 - Bitcoin is more important than ever
1:18:12 - QE5 is here
1:23:13 - Wrapping up

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25,000 sats
14 Mar
this is what I needed to hear. getting mad and angry at the nonsense is counterproductive. focus on the things I can control and that’s putting more energy into Bitcoin. thanks Parker!
14 Mar
totally agree with you! we must be disciplined with our emotions
5,445 sats
13 Mar
Parker is the main influencer in my Bitcoin journey. thanks for bringing him in
5,000 sats
14 Mar
5,000 sats
13 Mar
Parker’s GTS series was huge for my understanding. Cheers.
2,100 sats
13 Mar
Parker is a genius! One of the best podcasts I’ve heard in 2023.
2,000 sats
15 Mar
Woah. I didn't realise all of these financial crises happened on March 12! 🤯
2,000 sats
14 Mar
Uncle Marty and Papa Parker
1,000 sats
14 Mar
I see Parker, I boost!
1,000 sats
14 Mar
hell yeah!
500 sats
15 Mar
Fix the money> fix social media
500 sats
13 Mar
Parker was the perfect guest for today's events. Refocus plebs!
420 sats
14 Mar
411 sats
14 Mar
Thanks 🍻
121 sats
14 Mar
freakz 🤙
101 sats
14 Mar
100 sats
14 Mar
Eyes on the prize
100 sats
14 Mar