Episode 124: Undeplatformable

Episode 124: Undeplatformable

Podcasting 2.0

Podcasting 2.0 March 4th 2023 Episode 124: "Undeplatformable"

Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org - A day later due to power and bandwidth, but with the same spunk as always!


We're LIT

If you listen at 1.5 speed or more, you will never be able to spot Faked AI content

Re-Explain how V4V works in a Format context

PodacastIndex.org comments work

Alby issues with web splits and 'budgets'

Top Podcast Executives Talk 2023 Trends: Video, Audio Books and More – The Hollywood Reporter

Conshax and becoming a podcasterwallet partner

V4V onboarding partners

Namespace - Author and others?

Transcript Search

nostr zaps / fountain

wavlake / music search

Can we index episode detail

Music Side Project

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