F You, Greg. Ep682
F You, Greg. Ep682
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 682 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:
- Asia woke up and freaked out
- U.S. CBDC is closer than we were led to believe
- U.K. banks cracking down even more on 'CrYpTo'
- Coinbase has enough money left to acquire One River Digital
- Massive shortfall in FTX explained: "In some cases there were no books"
- SEC puts digital asset owners "at risk"
- Celsius actually allowed withdrawals

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50,000 sats
3 Mar
Haven’t been in many parts of the world with good internet lately; I’m downloading all the missed episodes and listening offline. Thank you for all the great hours.
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4 Mar
I didn't know you graduated from the school of bitcoin uncensored. what a great show. what were the rules again? 1) I'm dumb. 2) you're dumb. 3) markets are efficient. 4) cheapest pair of pants... you can explain allot using those rules. the first question to ask a shitcoiner (innocently), "what is a Blockchain?". comedy will follow
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4 Mar
Chart booster boost! 🚀
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3 Mar
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4 Mar
oh man... blacklists in ETH... how is that not censorship? you can zero knowledge it all you want, but who controls the list? the tech is cool, but the way it's being used here is antithetical to Bitcoin
221 sats
4 Mar
weird you can't reply to your own boosts on fountain...I just realised the last comment has no context... it sounds like the new 'approved' mixing tool from ETH uses zero knowledge proofs to verifiably attest to the fact that your outputs from the mixer weren't derived from """criminal""" inputs, maintained in a blacklist. the idea of blacklists is dumb if you think about it, which bitcoiners did. the fact that ETH is still thinking about them shows their naivity / eagerness to comply.
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3 Mar
Ozark Beef Initiative, Prarie Grove, Arkansas, Saturday, May 6, 2023. Todd Weyl (wheel) has the best beef in NW Arkansas!
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3 Mar
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4 Mar
thanks David u rock
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6 Mar
The Moon can be dated up to 300 million years older than the Earth The Moon's isotopic ratios suggest possible extra solar origins The Sun is 108 Earth's wide 108 Suns fit between the Earth and the Sun And 108 moons fit between the Earth and the Moon Out of the roughly 150 examples we have in our solar system no moon is greater than 5% mass of its host planet our moon is 27%