#399: Bitcoin Mining is Igniting an Engineering Renaissance with Rete and Isaac from Cathedra
#399: Bitcoin Mining is Igniting an Engineering Renaissance with Rete and Isaac from Cathedra
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Rete Browning and Isaac Fithian from Cathedra to discuss the origins of off-grid bitcoin mining, their findings on over/underclocking ASICs, and the direction the mining industry is headed.

Check out Cathedra: https://www.cathedra.com/

7:38 - Great American Mining: Origins
18:24 - The state of off grid mining
22:17 - Designing for diverse domains
24:01 - Deadly details
31:09 - Pioneer challenges
34:57 - Applying bitcoin and mining everywhere
39:52 - Cathedra research on over/underclocking
48:29 - How heat affects chips
53:34 - Finding the sweet spot
56:47 - The future of mining and energy
1:12:55 - Changing the ASIC market
1:19:40 - Bullish vibes, creating an engineering renaissance
1:31:27 - Wrapping up

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5,000 sats
5 Mar
y’all nerded out on this one hahaha. crazy to hear guys self teach themselves (grabbing themo textbooks!) to solve real world problems!
777 sats
5 Mar
great episode! having a home dryer that mines bitcoin would be fucking awesome! sometimes i also think about using a fridge cooling system to mine without fans. imagine a single chip asic attached to most of the daily used electronics. how about that decentralization of the network?!
500 sats
3 Mar
absolutely fascinating rip
3 Mar
Love this RIP! I’m having these same thoughts and conversations about mining efficiency, heat recovery and small scale mining applications. Help me get more involved with this industry. I’m an engineer in automotive manufacturing, but ready to retire and dedicate my time to Bitcoin mining. I can be reached at tim_ruyle@yahoo.com or @RuyleTim on Twitter
100 sats
11 Mar
love the show thanks for the amazing content !