The Union Jack Doesn't Know Jack Ep680
The Union Jack Doesn't Know Jack Ep680
Bitcoin And . . .
The Union Jack Doesn't Know Jack. Episode 680 is LIVE!

Topics for today:
- Americans understand that they don't understand money
- More inscriptions inbound
- Sell your house to buy corn?
- Taxbit now in CashApp
- BoE just can't hang
- Solana down . . . again
- Legacy finance says no to CrYpTo
- wBTC gets burned
- Multisig Wallets (maybe)

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20,000 sats
1 Mar
going to check out nostr, one question though, is the full experience available on ios? I’m rarely on a desktop anymore. thanks.
2 Mar
Yes, the Damus App is available on iOS. 👍🏻
2 Mar
check out Damus. Built from the ground up for iOS
6 Mar
try damus
1 Mar
on iOS you can download the Damus app. I think the pc clients have more features but I only use Damus for now and it’s great.
2,718 sats
2 Mar
Regarding locating DC in a swamp… it may be apocryphal, but I learned that it was done to make it physically uncomfortable for the Federal Government to grow (before AC)
2,222 sats
2 Mar
Inscriptions were possible before Taproot and before segwit. 4mb blocks will be 100% ubiquitous when we reach hyperbotcoinization. Listen to BItcoin Review Podcast Ep24 to learn more.
1,369 sats
1 Mar
500 sats
13 Mar
Great show. I have so much faith in my government to fuck things up with the so called 'Britcoin' with delays and budget screw ups that I am hopeful people will just adopt Bitcoin in the future instead. Just search for how much money and time it's taken them to not finish a high speed railway from Birmingham to London called hs2.
200 sats
2 Mar
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1 Apr
hey nice podcast! awesome!
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26 Apr
cool show
100 sats
1 Mar