E98: Vitor Pamplona on Building Amethyst & Nostr Adoption, Development, Competition, and Funding
E98: Vitor Pamplona on Building Amethyst & Nostr Adoption, Development, Competition, and Funding
The Kevin Rooke Show

Vitor Pamplona is the lead developer at Amethyst, the most popular Nostr client for Android with over 50,000 downloads in its first month.

In our conversation we explored Vitor’s path to building Amethyst, we talked about centralization, competition, and collaboration on Nostr, as well as future business models for Amethyst.

→ Amethyst: https://linktr.ee/amethyst.social

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00:00 - Intro

02:20 - Vitor Pamplona Intro

7:20 - Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identity

17:20 - How Vitor Built Amethyst

28:59 - Acquiring and Retaining Users on Nostr

37:18 - Will Clients Take a Cut of Zaps on Nostr?

42:45 - What Is The Addressable Market for Nostr?

46:39 - Expanding Nostr Demographics

52:52 - The Challenge of Getting Nostr & Lightning Metrics

57:20 - Competition and Collaboration on Nostr

1:01:38 - Why Amethyst is a Nostr Client

1:09:36 - How Will Amethyst Fund Itself?

1:15:02 - How Nostr’s Architecture Streamlines Development

1:26:05 - The Lightning Round

1,337 sats
2 Mar
Been a happy Amethyst user since pretty much the first APK. Vitor is a machine putty ng out multiple updates a day. 💜
1,000 sats
1 Mar
awesome discussion on the pod this week!
650 sats
5 Mar
would have zapped you on nostr but Kevin deserves a cut!
500 sats
1 Mar
Moonshot, but hopefully Nostr and Amethistmakes it to the masses.
100 sats
2 Mar
This was amazing. Thanks for bringing on Vitor