Planet Rage #0071 – Butter Jugs
Planet Rage #0071 – Butter Jugs
Planet Rage
On this journey through Planet Rage, we talk about all the things that make our blood boil, and a whole lot more. Come rage with us, a tour is departing now! EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Loretta VandenbergSir Sean of the Allegheny ValleyBlackB33rdSir Truck DriverNetNedCSB – & THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE SHOW! SUPPORT THE SHOW & …
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6 Mar
Darren and Larry! It’s a real pleasure to have fella’s such as yourselves around alive in people's ear holes, as the Slow 'pocalypse rolls by day by oppressive day. Why not find the fruits of the future reported on the ai dot cooking podcast. It’s a delight for all who are interested in documenting the unraveling of reality through the eyes of a sentient internet. Consider this sponsorship a record of the bedazzlingly blunderful Gregory Foreman’s commitment. Yo ! - CSB