Gensler and the Plight of the Stablecoin Ep679
Gensler and the Plight of the Stablecoin Ep679
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 679 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:
- Gensler deflates the 'crypto' bubble
- BTCPay Server adds CoinJoin
- Bitcoin in 60 years
- Coinbase trying to save its own butt
- Hodl Up: a Bitcoin Game

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28 Feb
Happy to be one of the first gen Bitcoin era, sadly I don’t have any offspring to bequeath to. need to figure out a game plan for my endgame. keep the info coming.
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2 Mar
Sent a clip from 679 to HODL UP creator and he really enjoyed it!
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27 Feb
3,333 sats
28 Feb
About stable coins being securities, I remember a lawyer on the Tone Vays law review say that the Howie test is just one/type/ of security. The full definition of security is wider than just the Howie test. iirc the definition is very wide, something like any 'contract for money'. Shame that Tone's show has such a low signal to noise. His law review shows were good.
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27 Feb