Basics_04 - Wallets & Transactions

Basics_04 - Wallets & Transactions

Bitcoin Audible

Hot wallets, cold wallets, hardware wallets, custodial wallets, lightning wallets, holy crap! What does all of this mean and how do they relate to your keys and your bitcoin? That is what we are covering in today's episode, Bitcoin Basics episode 4, all about wallets and transactions.

Here is a reference to all of the wallets I use most often and for you to explore when setting up your own. I will also have this available on so it is easy to find down the road.

Wallets Guy uses...
Mobile On-Chain Wallets:
Green Wallet
Blue Wallet
Bitkit (careful, still in beta but one I'm excited about)

Desktop Wallets:
Green Wallet
Lily Wallet
Sparrow (can be more advanced, but a good wallet)
Specter (need a node, we will cover this later in the Basics)
Electrum (old school, but trusted)

Hardware Wallets:
Coldcard (long running, trusted, & versatile)
Blockstream Jade
Tapsigner (simple, card sized hardware wallet)
Bitbox (clean, easy to use bitcoin wallet)
Seedsigner (cool DIY hardware wallet, low cost)

A great, essential piece for first getting into the space, Bitcoin First:

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