Basics_03 - Keys, Everything You Need to Know
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Basics_03 - Keys, Everything You Need to Know

18 Feb • 46m
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Not your keys, not your coins. What does this mean? Your Bitcoin keys are literally the keys to the kingdom. They are everything, they are the sole arbiter of ownership of the bitcoins behind them if you have your keys, and they are the impenetrable fortress for the bitcoins behind keys you do not have. They are the judge, the jury, and the verdict.
If you can grasp and internalize the relationship between you, your keys, and your bitcoin, then you can safely and confidently use bitcoin. And that's exactly what we are going to do, in the Bitcoin Basics Series, episode 3: Bitcoin Keys, Everything you Need to Know...

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4,000 sats
21 Feb
BA has become my filler pod between weekly RHR rips.. getting lots of value and enjoying these basics eps as well. non technical so the hashing ep was info i didn’t know or hadn’t thought about before
1,000 sats
8 Mar
Understanding and holding your Bitcoin keys is truly a liberating experience. Something I keep coming back to is the question: "Does self custody of the base layer scale?" Right now, I think the answer is no, which is why we should reject calls for ossification. Bitcoin base layer self-custody should ideally be available for all users, including those that are at the tail end of the adoption curve.
500 sats
20 Feb
Earlier today I tripped over my wifes bra. It was a boobie trap.
500 sats
21 Feb
basics boost!
210 sats
18 Feb
great episode! thanks for doing this series.
100 sats
21 Feb
loved how you explained owning BYC vs owning traditional assets like stock and bonds with the later being permission based and controlled by governments.
100 sats
21 Feb
You are doing essential work, Guy! Godspeed.
100 sats
20 Feb
Great episode. Thank you for laying down the essence of keys and why one should their own.
The number is so large, it really is beyond comprehension.