Rabbit Hole Recap #240: Bitcoin is the Only True Stablecoin
Rabbit Hole Recap

Rabbit Hole Recap #240: Bitcoin is the Only True Stablecoin

Feb 17 2023 • 1hr 38m

Show Notes

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

“Stable Coins” Under Fire

Fedimint Hackathon Winners

Strike launches Sending API

Breez launches SDK

Jam v0.1.5

Elements v22.1

Blixt v0.6.4

Passport v2.0.6

Seed Tool v2.0.2

Wyoming Private Keys Bill

SATSx Hackathon

Freedom Money E3 with Janine

6:13 - Chemical fires, UFOs, and the Eagles lost
14:30 - shill
16:49 - Dashboard
22:03 - Stablecoins unstable
33:06 - Fediment hackathon winners
40:20 - Bing became Skynet
42:48 - Strike sending API
46:30 - Breez SDK
50:21 - JAM v0.1.5
53:33 - Elements v22.1
55:04 - Blixt v0.6.4
55:32 - Passport v2.0.6
56:45 - Seed Tool v2.0.2
58:29 - Shoutouts and boostagrams
1:08:53 - Mr. Bent weather report
1:12:58 - Wyoming private keys bill
1:17:53 - Sad news for a ride or die freak
1:19:38 - Bitcoin events to attend instead of SXSW
1:28:18 - Freedom Money episode 3
1:30:22 - Macro brief
1:37:52 - Wrap up

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100,000 sats
Feb 19 2023
California Shotcoiner back for another boost. In need of tips for getting my hands on cheap electricity for my ASICs. Any tips for locating stranded energy is appreciated. Mandibles (only 13 hours on Audible, Marty!)
77,777 sats
Feb 22 2023
Mandibles! Read it! Thanks for all the great stuff you provide every week. Stay humble, stack sats. - Svein, Norway
60,000 sats
Feb 20 2023
Great rip as always. Great weather report. Mandibles
50,000 sats
Feb 17 2023
stay humble, stack sats!
25,000 sats
Feb 17 2023
11,111 sats
Feb 19 2023
Lots of Mandibles mentions in this one, love it! Thank you guys for the good work, keep it up. Stay humble and stack sats.
7,777 sats
Feb 18 2023
Love it when Mr. Bent calls in. Thank you for the weather report, Sir.
Feb 19 2023
Wake up Mr. Bent, Mr. Bent Mr. Fresh, Mister, by himself he's so impressed
4,321 sats
Feb 22 2023
Be Aware Freaks. Stay Humble, Stack Sats.
1,234 sats
Feb 18 2023
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a good solution to save up your change in “badbank” (if you’re using Sparow) then just send it into a CoinJoin once you hit a certain amount of UTXOs?
Feb 21 2023
That was my thinking also, you just mix in when you start a new whirlpool mix. When I was first testing Sparrow I just sent the badbank to Sparrow as a donation.
Feb 25 2023
Be careful when mixing badbank utxo. Ideally you want to mix each badbank utxo on its own, on a smaller pool, until it’s so small you can’t mix it anymore. It’s because any utxo you put on the input side are automatically associated with each other; and each badbank utxo is also associated with the original utxos b4 any mix. In other words, you are associating the different b4 mix utxos by mixing different bandbank utxos. i.e. you could associate your kyc and non kyc coins by mixing badbank utxo
1,111 sats
Feb 18 2023
stacky the stack
1,000 sats
Feb 18 2023
Marty Jones theory: Tether is CIA slush fund and SEC attack on stable coins is part of the inter Cabal squabble.
1,000 sats
Feb 20 2023
Marty! You should interview your dad.
1,000 sats
Feb 25 2023
521 sats
3 Mar
500 sats
Feb 17 2023
500 sats
Feb 18 2023
Iris scans for air drops? No thanks
420 sats
Feb 18 2023
10 min in and we get a “Mandibles”. NICE!!!
169 sats
Feb 18 2023
123 sats
Feb 19 2023
100 sats
Feb 19 2023
100 sats
Feb 20 2023
sats for cuck bucks 🤣
100 sats
Feb 21 2023
Nice episode man 👍🏻keep it going