Nostrgram's Jonathan Leger. Ep673
Nostrgram's Jonathan Leger. Ep673
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 673 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:
- INTERVIEW with Jonathan Leger, the creator of Nostrgram
- Cults (spoiler, we're in one and it isn't Bitcoin)
- How nostr works in the background
- What nostr clients do and how they interact with the protocol
- Where we are going with all of this
- You can find Jonathan on nostr @jleger2023 (npub1t9a59hjk48svr8hz6rx727ta6kx53n5d6fw8x26vsua0zytpl87sa6h4uw)

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3,333 sats
17 Feb
I feel like I understand Nostr better now, thanks!
17 Feb
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16 Feb
Oh yeah. Tell me more about Bitcoin rubbin’ up against stuff. Mmmhhmmm
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17 Feb
I'm glad you're growing. you deserve it. iris is on Android and better than amethyst imo but amethyst is a close #2