You Are A Criminal Ep672
You Are A Criminal Ep672
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 672 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:
- Fauxcahontas presumes you are a criminal
- El Salvador to open embassy in Texas
- Use a non-custodial wallet, please
- Some FTX stuff
- Ordinal stuff

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20,000 sats
16 Feb
10,000 sats
16 Feb
god damn right im angry. like the US constituion and the founfing fathers coulfnt forsee what the rat bastards would do. and the amrrican people did nothing to protect it. we are now a diluted piece of eurotrash. so sit back and watch 50 years ftom now what will it look like. bitcoin is for enemies, but is it for lazy fat bastards that sit on there ass and let anything go. thats what needs to be ask?
5,555 sats
16 Feb
I think people need to calm down a bit about Ordinals. Filling up the blocks with JPG data was possible before segwit and if Bitcoin takes off like we all want it to, we will have to deal with full blocks anyways. This Ordinals business is a blessing in disguise because we get a fee-market preview of what hyperbitcoinization will look like. ✌️
2,100 sats
16 Feb
1,111 sats
16 Feb
I think we need to talk about faucets. What’s your personal “faucet” for getting the sats that you send on fountain and nostr? I use the Cash App round ups to get sats. it’s important to me to have what “feels” like free sats to give away to the pleb army. Currently streaming at 21 sats/min. What do you stream at?
420 sats
16 Feb
just sending 10 cents, and no government can stop it.
369 sats
16 Feb