Regenerative Health Podcast feat Texas Slim and Jacob Wolki
Regenerative Health Podcast feat Texas Slim and Jacob Wolki
I Am Texas Slim
  • Regenerative Health Podcast with Dr Max Gulhane
  • Intro To Slim
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Rapeseed aka seed oils
  • Jacob Wolki and the beef initiative
  • Fix the money, fix the food
  • Building the community
  • Replicating 
  • Regenerative farming in Australia 
  • Local Producers growing
  • Supply chain
  • Bad eggs
  • Put your foot down
  • They hijacked our food
  • Go meet Jacob Wolki
  • Pure animal protein health
  • What's your consumption model
  • Closing thoughts

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22 Feb
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19 Feb
great show. i reslly like Junes take at the end of these
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17 Feb
Appreciate all the knowledge ya dropping on us!
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15 Feb
The Ozark Beef Intiaitive. May 5-6, 2023. Praitie Grove, Arkansas. More details coming soon. Soil Health leads to Metabloic Health which leads to Financial Health.
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23 Mar
great discussion, gentlemen. thank you!
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18 Feb
gabba gabba hey! keep on crushing
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6 Mar