CD90: Spiral Initiatives with Steve Lee
CD90: Spiral Initiatives with Steve Lee
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TOPICS: spiral year in review, funding open source projects, building secure mobile wallets, design improvements, reducing friction, lightning improvements, bolt12

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I. Approaches to Open Source Funding [7:53]
II. Stratum v2 [23:59]
III. Fedimint [40:03]
IV. WalletScrutiny [47:12]
V. Separating the Core Out of Bitcoin Core [59:19]
VI. LDK/LDK Node [1:02:43]
VII. Rapid Gossip Sync [1:10:28]
VIII. VLS [1:28:18]
IX. Unified QR Codes/BIP21 [1:35:45]
X. Preparing Lightning For Mainstream Adoption [1:40:36]
XI. BOLT12 [1:47:22]

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100,000 sats
15 Feb
Great content this week Matt - excited for all these new Lightning features - BOLT12 / Async Payments ⚡️
21,000 sats
11 Feb
Absolute pleasure listening to the vast knowledge base Steve has. Loved the show, thanks you both🤙
8,778 sats
12 Feb
Go Chiefs!!
7,777 sats
11 Feb
amazing knowledge from Mr Lee.
5,000 sats
19 Feb
great chat
5,000 sats
17 Feb
so many smart people working on this stuff. great people. proud to be a block share holder
1,500 sats
19 Feb
This episode is such a great overview of developments within the bitcoin ecosystem.
1,000 sats
14 Feb
pv, stay humble, and stack sats
500 sats
23 Feb
Great conversation Moneyball! Shout out to the Bitcoin Product Community 🤙
334 sats
5 Mar
thank you for breaking down lightning innovations and obstacles. solid show.
200 sats
13 Feb
Very interesting. Spiral are doing great work!
100 sats
11 Feb
staking sats in humble mode