Basics_02 - Hashes & Proofs of Work
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Basics_02 - Hashes & Proofs of Work

10 Feb • 59m
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In order to truly understand why Bitcoin works, we must understand a fundamental tool that operates at basically every level of the system. The hash function. And using the hash function, we can build one of the most important elements of the game theory that keeps the system honest, Proof of work. This is the second episode of the Bitcoin Basics series: Hashes & Proofs of Work

To play around yourself with the hashing tools discussed you can:
- open a Terminal window on your Mac or Linux computer and type... 
shasum -a 256 [insert file]
Replacing [insert file] with the file path of whatever you wish to hash (you can usually drag and drop)
- On Windows open the "command prompt" and type...
Get-FileHash -Path [insert file]

To verify my Proof of Work done in the episode:
echo -n "H18" | shasum -a 256
(this works on Mac & Linux, but unfortunately the process on Windows was too complicated to go through the trouble of confirming it)

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2,100 sats
11 Feb
Great stuff! I’ve been looking for a good series of Bitcoin basics to point friends and family to. And you’re filling in gaps for me.
awesome! if you have any idea of question you want covered I’m always happy to add it into the show directly. in fact a Q&A could be a good thing to have at the end of every Basics episode come to think of it 🤔
2,100 sats
12 Feb
thx guy
1,337 sats
28 Feb
Get mining Plebs. It's pretty fun.
1,000 sats
10 Feb
1,000 sats
13 Feb
liking the basics episodes!
500 sats
23 Feb
Understanding hashes, even at a basic non-technical level is indeed fundamental to understanding Bitcoin. Great "Basics" episode. 💪
500 sats
12 Feb
well done!
210 sats
10 Feb
great episode! I'll be using the "night club" analogy next time I get a chance to explain difficulty adjustment.
200 sats
11 Feb
nice explanations that help understand the roots of bitcoin principles. thank a lot
101 sats
18 Feb
Great episode! I really enjoy your bitcoin basics, as a new coiner who is still working on acquiring my first whole coin. Thanks!
100 sats
12 Feb
Really appreciate!
100 sats
13 Feb
great series! keep going with this, there is a lot to learn!
100 sats
26 Feb
Really enjoying the basics episodes. Thanks Guy. If you fancy proving Guy’s work on a Windows machine, this is how I did it: 1. Created a text file with “H18” as the content & saved it to my desktop. 2. Opened the Command Prompt. 3. Typed: certutil -hashfile [the-path-to-the-text-file] SHA256 4. Hit enter. You should see this hash displayed: 522e67d1eb7bea6c31ee436b39fb834a999cbc77bfc1391ded283c4ecee6d748